Melt in your Mouth White Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla frosting

Bringing you  the world’s most  easiest , most requested , hands down yummiest , white chocolate cupcakes  !


Where do I start with describing this cupcake ?!

Should I start with the velvety texture of the cupcake that is brought forth by mixing white chocolate , milk , butter and sugar ?

Or the taste that would leave you begging for more ?

cake half

Either way  this is a winner .

I Love baking – one of the  main reason for me to start this blog . And, I can boldly say that this  recipe  is the one that started it all !

ing cake.jpg

Ok ,I’ve got  to confess ..I am more of a baker than anything , but when my father-in law came for a visit , he introduced me to  a whole new world of  cooking  which includes game meats , traditional  style (gramathu  ) curries  etc, which needed to be documented , and voila! Spice Addiction was born .

Anyway back to my first love .. BAKING ! 🙂

This recipe was originally intended  for  a coffee cake but I adapted  this recipe from  ‘Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield’  and made this into cupcakes .

You can easily turn this into a cake , which I usually do for birthdays .

This cupcake has always  made an appearance  in our household at birthday parties , dinner tables and even when visiting friends  for coffee .

This  cupcake is incredibly  simple  to make ,even my 4yr old helps me with  baking  his favourite cupcakes . Did I tell you that he is very picky ?

This is his favourite cake and   you will see why,  after you give this  recipe a try . OMG ! that rhymed 🙂

This cake is  versatile , due to its density , this cake can withstand decoration and  if you are looking  to use  fondant  , look no further .

cc lots

These cupcakes  tastes great on their  own without any fancy frosting, but ,i ‘m going to take these  cupcakes one step further  by adding Sally’s Vanilla Frosting ? why you ask  ? because  , when  I have  decided to indulge , I  better do it right . Don’t you agree ?


Serves :12

Ingredients :

2  large eggs  at room temperature

250 gms Butter

1 cup (200  g )caster sugar

1 cup (125 g )self raising  flour*

1 cup(125 g ) plain flour

1 (200 G) block of white chocolate ( I used cadbury )

1 cup Milk

Vanilla  Whipped  Cream Frosting:

¾ cup  (170g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

3  cups (360g) Icing sugar*

1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( I used queens )

¼  cup heavy cream

Salt, to taste

*You can substitute  self raising flour with  plain flour /All purpose flour by adding 1 ½  teaspoon of baking powder and ½ teaspoon salt .

Directions :

Preheat  oven to 160 degrees .

Combine   Butter , white chocolate , sugar , milk  in a saucepan heat gently , Stirring occasionally , until melted and smooth .

Set aside and let it cool slightly .

Beat in the eggs to the cooled mixture . Slowly mix in the dry ingredients , until combined.  until no lump remains , do not over mix .

Divide the batter among 12 cupcake liners (or 24 mini ) and bake for up to 20 mins  or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean .Bake for 8 to 10 minutes if making mini cupcakes . Allow to cool .

Vanilla Frosting :

Beat butter in a bowl using electric hand held  mixer  or stand mixer using paddle attachment  on  medium speed until light and fluffy for 3 minutes .

Add vanilla Extract

Turn off the mixer and add in icing sugar  and cream. Mix on low for 1 minute  and increase the speed  and beat on high  for 5 minutes .

If frosting is too thick , gradually add in more cream , if too thin then , add icing sugar .

Add ¼ teaspoon of salt  if the frosting is too sweet . Frost  the  cooled cupcakes .

For those of you who are good with self-control,  these cupcakes can be stored in  airtight containers  for up to 2 days and in the refrigerators for 4 days .

Additional notes :

As mentioned earlier you can very well turn this into cake  by simply  spooning  the mixture into a greased  and base lined  8 inch /22 cm springform cake pan .