Hi , welcome to my blog. My name is Shirley and I am thrilled to have you as a visitor on my site.

About my blog

I started this blog  to journal, share and  preserve the  recipes  which have been passed down from my Mom and my Father-in –Law . Yes, you heard it right ,

Next  to my mom who is the reigning queen of   vegetarian  dishes in my family , my Father-in- Law is an avid hunter and an  awesome  cook , his recipes  are simple yet  unique  .

My Aussie friends, scratch  that, Friends, there are much more healthier  , lip smacking recipes other than butter chicken and chicken tikka  Masala  when it comes to Indian cuisine  . My approach to cooking  is more practical , simple  and fresh.

I am here to take you on a journey with me  to the land of exotic spices.

About me


I  was born in Chennai( India ) , moved to Australia in  2003 and ever since I have called Australia my second home.  I work full time in finance with a passion for family, friends, food and faith. My life, pretty much revolves around my husband , 2 boys and of course  food . Just to escape the craziness that involves raising 2 boys  under the age of 5 ,   I decided it would be a good outlet to start this blog  to   document the recipes  that  have been passed down ,  developed  and re-created .

My Love  affair with food  ranges from pastas, risotto, noodles to chicken curry and Biryani  and anything in-between. Desserts however are starting to be my weakness!

I am thankful to you for stopping by this tiny little blog .I would love to hear from you . I am open to suggestions , corrections  and comments . So please  let me know if you’ve  tried any of my recipes  or even just drop a plain old fashioned ‘HI’!

You can contact me at spiceaddictionn@gmail.com or via the Comment  section below.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is one of the best blogs that I have come across which brings out the true South Indian recipes. Me being a south indian expat have always been on the look out for such blogs. Thanks for the tips on making Briyani with an electric rice cooker.

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