Indian Lemonade


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Lemonade with a twist  – the ‘twist’ is to add bruised mint leaves and  honey – this sweet /sour combination   with a hint of  mint  is sure to knock your taste buds off !

Indian Lemonade

2 medium-sized limes  juiced

1 litre of water

1/ 4 cup  Caster sugar

2 tbsp. of honey

Pinch of salt

5-6  mint leaves bruised and juiced.

A pinch of baking soda (optional – this is to neutralise the acidity , but totally optional)

Ice Cubes to serve

Directions :

  1. Place sugar in a tall jar , add  lime juice , baking soda (optional)*, salt , mint (leaves and juice). Mix well .
  2. Add honey , mix well . Now top up with water , Mix well .
  3. Add ice cubes and serve .

*Please note that when baking soda is added to lime a slight effervescent reaction will occur.This is Ayurvedic remedy to neutralize heart burn and stomach acid.

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