Easy Sura Puttu (Flaked Shark with Coconut )

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Saturday is market day at our household ,which I would  think would be the case with everyone Or maybe not .. not everyone is as excited as  my son ‘J’ who loves to play with ‘Diego ‘  a lab   he befriended, who belongs to one of the stall owners  at the markets . Shopping for local produce or not , we still go there,  so  he could spend some  time with  Diego . Talk about sleep sacrifice ..Yawn !

At the markets   , don’t know if it is seasonal or not ,   I was very excited to chance upon white shark at the fish monger’s .  I have been wanting to try this steamed – flaked shark dish , which is very famous in South – India called ‘Sura Puttu’ .

Now ,  this might not look like “I need a bowlful right now!” , but wait till you try this .You might wonder why you didn’t buy the whole fish (5 kg or more !!) 🙂

Sorry , I get carried away sometimes..

Let me walk you through the steps.

Ingredients :

500 gms  white shark ( cleaned and washed )

I tbps chopped curry leaves

½ teaspoon black mustard seeds

2 medium spanish onions finely chopped

3 birds eye chillies  finely chopped *

½ cup of Freshly grated coconut

3 tbps of minced garlic

¼ cup Coconut Oil / Sunflower Oil.

1  teaspoons Turmeric Powder

Salt – According to taste

1 teaspoon of chopped cliantro

Directions :

1.Add the shark pieces to a pan , add 2 cups of water , along with ½ teaspoon of turmeric  and ¼ teaspoon of   salt and cook for 10 mins .Allow it to cool .Drain the water .

2.Remove the skin and separate the flesh from the bones . Now flake the fish using a fork  and leave it aside.

3.Heat oil  in the non stick pan , add the curry leaves and mustard seeds   ( please take care as it may splutter )followed by green chillies and  chopped onions , fry well  for 5 mins on a medium flame , a pinch of salt may be added to quicken  the cooking process  of the onions by drawing  the moistture out .

4.Add the minced garlic and fry for 3 to 4 mins (don’t forget to open the windows or have the air vent on )

5.Now add the flaked fish , mix well , it will be soggy at this stage , but this will dry out as we keep stiring .

6.Add the other  half of turmeric powder  and mix well for 3 or 4 mins .

7.Now add the grated coconut , mix well and cook for 5 more minutes .Check for seasoning , add more salt or turmeric if required (You can add a bit of turmeric  to cut out the fishy odour  or to enhance the colour of this dish – totally up to you ).

8.Add the chopped cilantro , mix well and Serve it with Rice or Roti’s (unleavened bread ).



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