Basic Spices

I thought I would take some time to  explain the term ‘Basic’ when it comes to Spices, after all  my blog is named Spice Addiction   🙂

Coriander  powder , Chilli Powder and Turmeric  or a combination  of  these are  considered  to be the base  for  Indian curries /Stir fry .

These days a variety of spices  are readily available in supermarkets  all around the world. .  The best part about  Spices  is that they have a  shelf life of 6 months when stored in airtight containers  and away from moisture .

Coriander Powder –  is mainly  used as a  binder  i.e. to make the gravy  or curries thick , similar to using  corn starch to thicken  soups .Traditionally , in order to enhance flavour  and  smell , coriander seeds are  dry roasted and  powdered  . It is not  the end of the curry world  if you do not get your hands around roasted coriander powder , supermarket coriander powder will do the job for us .

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

25 grams of coriander powder will be enough  to make  ‘Fish Curry’  and  at the  same time we won’t  need  that much  to  make   ‘Dhal /Sambar’  – remember this acts as a  thickener and  depends on how thick or how runny you like your curries to be . Yikes ! this sentence gave me a whole different picture .Moving on.

Chilli powder- Good  Indian curry  should make you sweat , thirst and crave for the next   bite ,That is, if you are able to stomach it .  Chilli powder  is basically used as a seasoning  agent .This super scorcher is essential  for increasing  your metabolism and balancing  the dish by giving the right seasoning .


If you are allergic to Chillies , you may   by all means   avoid  chilli powder and substitute it with pepper   .

Turmeric Powder –This little guy   is  not only used  to enhance flavor  and  color but also  for its antibacterial  properties .Turmeric is used mainly when  cooking meat  and sea food,  to camouflage the raw smell .

Pic courtesy -Australian Women’s Weekly


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